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Fangirl: Unscripted:

Random Musings of an Absent-minded Fan Girl

Absentminded Professor

I'm an aspiring writer born, raised & still living in Los Angeles, CA. I enjoy Science Fiction, Fantasy, History, English Literature, cozy evenings spent reading the dictionary, long walks in the fog, insanely spicy foods and self-deprecation --- not exactly in that order. I wish my writing were 1/4 as witty as David Sedaris and 1/3 as engaging as Ursula K. LeGuin. (Why yes, I do like to set the bar so high that whenever I look up I can't even see it. Keeps life interesting.)

Most of my fannish entries revolve around either the Doctor Who, X-Men, or Flight of the Conchords fandom, although I will mix in few others just to keep things lively.

As far as Doctor Who, I am a multi-shipper who ships Martha Jones with everyone from the Doctor (any incarnation) to Captain Jack Harkness to (occasionally) Tom Milligan, but my primary DW ship is Ten/Martha. I can respect anyone who doesn't ship that because the Whoniverse would be a very boring place if we all liked the same ships and had the same companions for our favorites. That would be like the Doctor traveling with the same person. Forever.

*shudders a 'lil bit*

Other tidbits you should know about me & my journal:

My header was custom-made for me by tardis_mafia. She rocks! :D

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